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About Us - Welcome to the IFSHA World and Grand National Championship Horse Show website. In conjunction with IFSHA (International Friesian Show Horse Association), we are dedicated to the promotion, showing and exhibition of the Friesian horse and its derivatives. We'll be bringing you up-to-date information on the IFSHA World and Grand National Championship shows.
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In 2001, IFSHA, a not-for-profit organization, was incorporated and dedicated to the promotion of the Friesian horse and its derivatives. In 2004, IFSHA was successful in gaining recognition as the official USEF representative of the Friesian horse and its derivatives, and USEF approval of competition rules that will provide the ground word for competitive consistency and protection of the Friesian bred at USEF recognized competitions. What does this mean to the IFSHA member participating in USEF-recognized competitions?

Set Rules and Regulations for Competitive Consistency - At USEF recognized competitions, Friesian exhibitors have licensed officials trained to support the Friesian in competition. Exhibitors will be able to prepare for and compete under consistent guidance designed to set a level playing field and protect the horse and the individual showing. Exhibitors are supported through various classes separated by discipline in the Junior, Amateur, and Open levels.

Enforcement - At USEF recognized competitions, the USEF is the enforcement body for Friesian competition rules. Licensed officials are trained to conduct the classes according to the Friesian division rules and regulations. Thus, the Friesian horse and competitor have an agency to act on abuses and grievances through appropriate action.

A Whole New Market and Addition of Value - The Friesian bred horse show circuit will serve as the introduction of the Friesian to the public and equine enthusiasts at new and desirable venues that showcase the competitors and their accomplishments. This also means that Friesian breeders, trainers, and owners have the ability to promote their horse with show accomplishments, thus adding value to the horse and the bloodlines. Soon, the public will see certain bloodlines excel in specific and/or multiple levels of competition. This, in turn, will promote the desire to own horses that excel on the USEF recognized Friesian show circuit.

Recognition and Awards - IFSHA members are eligible for annual High-Point awards in all recognized competitive classes and four levels of horse Lifetime Achievement. IFSHA and USEF joint members are eligible for the Friesian Horse of the Year (HOTY) awards for in classes in hand, under saddle and in harness. IFSHA and USDF members are eligible for the annual joint USDF Awards programs.
2013 USEF Favorite Breed Competition Winner
For more information about membership and special interest programs available to IFSHA members, please visit the IFSHA website at www.FriesianShowHorse.com.

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