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USEF Presidential Rule Modification
The IFSHA Board of Directors is pleased and excited to announce that IFSHA has been granted a USEF Presidential Rule Modification to rule FR101.4a. The original rule states that a part bred Friesian must be 50% Friesian with one purebred Friesian parent. The rule change proposed by the IFSHA Board of Directors will strike the portion of the rule that states one parent must be purebred Friesian. Until the proposed rule passes, a USEF Presidential Modification was granted on March 19th, 2014. READ MORE >

Show Rotation
The survey has been returned by the IFSHA members and there was a slight edge of only two votes for the rotation schedule option. The Board of Directors unanimously voted to follow the direction of the membership and go forward with a rotation schedule. In 2015, the IFSHA National Show will be on the West Coast. In 2016, the IFSHA National Show will be located in the Central/Midwest Region and in 2017, the show will be on the East Coast. For additional information, please read our IFSHA President's Letter dated March 18th, 2014.

IFSHA Tax Status
In October of 2013, it was reported via the Internet that IFSHA had lost its tax status as a Non Profit organization. In January of 2014, IFSHA received a letter from the IRS apologizing for erroneously reporting that IFSHA had lost its tax status as a Non Profit organization, because extensions has been filed on behalf of IFSHA.

We are pleased to report to the members of IFSHA that all financial reports, past taxes and corporate reports have been reviewed by the IRS and the State of California and find IFSHA to be in complete compliance. IFSHA is a Non-profit mutual benefit organization. Read more about this important announcement in the March 15th, 2014 IFSHA President's Letter.

Financial Statements
The financial statements for 2010, 2011, and 2012 are available to all members. If you would like to receive any of them, please contact Nancy Nathanson via email or phone: 805-448-3027.

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